Writing maintainable code

We, as developers, are always dealing with code wrote by other people. Usually, when that happens, we found ourselves trying to understand what does each piece of code and walking in circles around the code.

To avoid this problem and make the life of our development team easier, we have to put an effort in writing maintainable code. During this session, we will see some common issues, approaches to fix them, advices and examples of how we can achieve our target.

This session is intended to any experience level and to anyone who contributes code to an open source project or who works in a development team.

About me: I've been working with Drupal for more than three years, with iO1, where I work as Development Manager. I'm an active member of the spanish drupal community, where I organize the drupaladas of @drupalval. You can find me on twitter or in my blog.

Writing maintainable code - David Hernández Ruiz from Asociación Drupal on Vimeo.