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Call for BoFs and Workshops

BoFs, AKA Birds of a Feather, are informal and small meetings to discuss about a certain topìc. Workshops can be proposed in these rooms as well. Anyone is encouraged to propose a BoF or a Workshop.

You can find the proposed BoFs or Workshops underneath the shedule. If there is any topic related with Drupal that you would like to discuss, or if you want to give a practical workshop, find a free slot and room and register it.

Session Schedule

The Session Schedule is finally available!.

Now you have the difficult task of choosing which of the 24 sessions you’ll be attending, or wait to see which BoFs or workshops are registered in the coming days.

Reviewing sessions

Once voting has been closed, it is now time to evaluate sessions. The evaluation committee will take into account voting and many other aspects in order to build a consistent schedule with different audience levels and topics.

The schedule will be published here as soon as it has been confirmed.

Thanks to everyone who voted and commented and best of luck to the people who submitted session proposals!

Voting is open!

Now you can vote for your favourite session proposals for Drupal Camp. Voting will end the 23th of September, so, hurry up!

In the session selection process, not only online votes will be considered. A committee will also review the proposal, trying to make a balanced sessions calendar both on topics and level. That committee will consider the interest of the session, also the quality of the propossal.


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