Drupalcamp Spain
Gran evento, gran comunidad
2 días de Drupal
24 charlas, BoFs, networking...


Thanks to all the attendees, sponsors, and volunteers for being part of such an awesome event as Drupalcamp Spain 2012.

We look forward to see you next year. In the near future we will open the process to accept proposals for hosting and organizing Drupalcamp Spain 2013. In the short term, there will be a Drupal Day Santander between May and July 2013 and, of course do participate in your local groups.

All the photos taken at the event can be seeing at the Flickr group, while the video recordings will be uploaded soon at the Vimeo account of the Drupal Spanish Association.

¡Greetings from the organization and hope to see you soon again!


Drupalcamp goes party on Saturday evening!

From 21:00 at the pub called "La petisqueria". It is placed at Apodaca 17. We plan to enjoy company and the world-wide known beers and "tapas" of Madrid.

Map with directions

We hope to meet you there!

Photographic contest

During the celebration of the Drupal Camp Spain 2012, we will organize a photographic contest of the event. ¡All the attendees are invited to participate!

Is really easy to participate and you only need to meet the next conditions:


From Madrid to the sky

Madrid at night

Madrid, Spanish capitol since 1562, is the geographic centre of the Iberic Peninsula. It's height, and the fact of being over a plateau and surrounded by mountains defines its weather with warm summers and not so cold winters.

As a capitol, it is a very monumental city, with a very popular hearth centre built during the Habsburg reign. The Prado Museum is considered one of the best galleries all over the world.



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