Open Source Machine Translation for Drupal: Walkthrough and Cheat Sheet


You don't need Google Translate or Bing Translator to get Machine Translation (MT) into your Drupal site. There is an Open Source solution, called Moses SMT which allows you to take full control of Machine-Translation, DIY-style. If you have ever tried or intended to wire Moses SMT to Drupal, but got intimidated because of the complexity of the task, this session may be useful for you.


  • We will discuss the topic as a hands-on exercise, allowing participants to effectively experience a systems set-up.
  • We will present a Hello World case, focusing on practical issues, such as server set-up, code compilation, hardening, integration and maintenance of your solution (sorry, no noisy channel model theory in this tutorial).
  • We will also demo a real-world scenario which demonstrates the possibilities of MT integration and customization, featuring crowd-based proofreading and custom MT models.

Cheat Sheet
For those who want to do some more exploration:

  • we will provide a brief overview of some gotchas and FAQs
  • we will discuss the most interesting resources to get you up to speed withMoses SMT and Drupal

Joachim Van den Bogaert
joachim [at] crosslang [dot] com