Las cosas que encontrámos en tu sitio

A part of my job in Acquia is looking for complex websites and evaluate them looking to several aspects. Clients hire us during a short period of time to look at vectors like site architecture, best pratices and general configuration and rely on our expertise to trace problems regarding performance, security and daily maintenance traumas.
What we find is a mix of common good pratices that are not followed with a good amount of unique and singular problems that sometimes no one never cross across in the Drupal world. In this session I will share a good amount of bad examples that are common to find in site audits and also some tricky problems we had to solve when facing unknows and horrible black holes.
More important I will explain what is our method to find and advise about them and guarantee that these horrible headaches are never part of your website daily routine.


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La pude ver en la Drupalcamp Porto de este año y está muy bien. Muy recomendada