Business Integration on Drupal Commerce Projects

One of the common challenges facing IT organizations today is to provide a consistent version of organization data across all systems.

This challenge extends to our drupal projects when we need to exchange data with legacy enterprise resource systems, on a secure and structured way.

Examples on this scenario would be product catalog and order synchronization,bulk client migrations on drupal commerce sites.

In this session, we'll introduce you to a series of data integration tools for your Drupal projects:

  • Feeds, the most popular data import/export module suite
  • Pentaho Data Integration an open source suite that comes with data extract, transform and load (ETL) capabilities, a graphical design environment, and an open and standards-based architecture.
  • Drupal Commerce, a commerce framework in Drupal. See also pcambra´s session for an introduction:

We'll present you first-hand experiences that will help open a friendly discussion of this approach over proprietary and homegrown data integration tools.
There are no stand-alone solutions. It's drupal, so be water my friend.